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SUN Cluster 3.0 Administration PDF
SUN Solaris Network Security PDF
Linux to Solaris 10 Sysadmin guide PDF
SUN System Handbook
SUN System Handbook @ SUN
Solaris FAQ
Solaris Infrequently Asked and Obscure Questions
SUN's Raid Manager 6 FAQ
Solaris 8 Security Checklist
Additional Solstice Disksuite topics
Booting 64bit Kernels on UltraSparc 1 systems
Checking and Setting SUNW / hme network card properties
Common Sun device driver names
Crash Dump Analysis
How to install Solaris on A1000 and boot up from it
How to read an enterprise server device path
Installing SUN Storedge PCI / fc-100 fiber channel host adapter
Instalating SUN storedge RAID manager 6.1.1
Mirroring disks with solstice disksuite
Modifying the CDROM nvalias on an Ultra10 IDE based
Problems with eri fast ethernet interface
Problems with ping -s in Solaris
Querying the default number of active TCP connections
Recovering from a boot disk failure with solstice disksuite
Restoring original package file permissions
Serial cables on SUN Ultra Enterprise servers
Setting up and Deleting disksuite RAID
Comparison of SBUS and PCI
SUN StorEdge Products
the ACT Kernel dump analysis tool
Top 10 things SUN support
Upgrading Solaris with Disksuite Volumes
NIS+ Faq
Telling Solaris to use a 24-bit TrueColor display
SUN Guru webpage
Armoring Solaris
Connecting to any ISP with Solaris 7 and 8
Selected SCSI Device not responding, but Disk OK
Securing NIS
Solaris Security FAQ
Solaris Start-Up and Shutdown
Backing up with UFSDUMP and fssnap
A tool for cold mirroring of Solaris System Disks
Guide to cloning a SUN Blade 1000 running Solaris 8 to a second drive
Burning a bootable CDROM for Solaris
Manual Mirroring on SUN
Solaris UNIX Commands and Scripts
Critical system disaster prevention
Backing Up and Restoring File Systems with fssnap
Using the dd command
SUN Volume Manager
Solaris Volume Manager - Soft Partitioning Explained
Hardening Solaris with Jass
Comparison of Solaris Hardening Scripts
Solaris pkg-get tool
Solaris UNIX tips!
Phil's Solaris Hints
System Administration related files
Sybase Database Administration
DiskSuite Step by Step
How to get a SUN Solaris system Ready for Production
Raid Manager 6.22 and A1000 Setup
How to Setup Mirrored Disks with SDS (Disk Suite) 4.2.1
Solstice DiskSuite (sds) Step by Step
Installing an A1000 on Solaris8
Setting scsi_options in /etc/system
Solaris Archive of Information and Troublshooting
SUN GIG Ethernet Install and Configure
Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
DIO Device I/O analysis tool for Solaris
DiskSuite 4.1 Documents
SMC 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions
Sony SDX-300C AIT Tape drive Solaris support
SUN Solaris information/Bootup sequence/jumpstart/openboot,etc..
Just the Facts Papers by SUN
Solaris 9 System Administrator Collection - HTML
T3 Array Quick Installation
SUN StorEdge T3 Disk FAQ
RAID configuration for Oracle Databases
How can I grow a UFS filesystem?
Solaris IP Multipathing made easy

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Solaris Jumpstart automated installation
Building a Jumpstart server
Jumpstart in detail
Handsoff Jumpstart using sysidcfg with no nameservice
Jumpstart Paper
Jumpstart Setup from SUN
Jumpstart sysidcfg
Build Jumpstart Boot CD
Create one or more install servers

Building a Bastion Host Using HP-UX 11
Software Porting and Archive Centre for HP-UX
installing and using HP-UX SoftwareDepots
Securing HP-UX 11
HP-UX 11.0 Installation Checklist
Securing HP-UX Services
Securing an HP-Unix Production Server
Secure your Digital UNIX (Tru64) Alpha
Setting up Digital UNIX securely
Digital UNIX FAQ
Nessus install on DUNIX
Security Software Downloads
Security: Tru64 UNIX Version 5.0
Adobe Photoshop 3.0.1 Crack for SGI IRIX
Setting up IRIX securely
IRIX Notes
Silicon Graphics Administration
Securing IRIX 6.5
IRIX Toolchest Custom Menu's
AIX Public Domain Software
AIX Error Logging Faciltiy
AIX Error notification
AIX IPSEC Filtering
AIX Tripwire
Deploying OpenSSH on AIX 4.3
Quick Reference:Solaris to AIX
AIX/HP-UX Interoperability Guide
Securing AIX Network Services
AIX Logical Volume Manager and Veritas Volume Manager
AIX 4.3 Bastion Host Guidelines
Problem Installing via SMIT from CDROM
Secure Linux Containers Cookbook with SELINUX and SMACK
Secure Linux Containers Security PDF
RedHat ETH Bonding
RedHat Custom Kernel
RedHat PXE Booting
RedHat Rockwell Modem
RedHat Linux Tasks
Sams RH Fedora4 Unleashed CHM
Linux Tips & Tricks
Building a software RAID system in Slackware Linux 8.0
How do I...
VMware on Slackware Linux
Experiments with SMTP
Linux Notes
Linux PPC
Linux on XFS
RedHat Sendmail FAQ
Installing Apache, Perl, and MySQL
Configuring a Stateful Linux Firewall with IPTables / NetFilter
Portforwarding using Iptables NAT
Linux Stateful Firewall installation (RH 7.2)
Securing RedHat Linux 7.3
How to Change Your Hostname In OpenBSD
OpenBSD frequently unanswered questions
FreeBSD Handbook
IBM/Sequent Dynix
Pyramid OSx
VAX/VMS Resources
VMS Logging and Restriction
DEC VAX/VMS Operating System Security Review
Practical Exercise in Securing an OpenVMS System
VMS Change user password with no expiration
Example creating a home webpage on VMS
X11 on VMS
VMS -> UNIX Commands
VMS to UNIX Translation
A Primer on OpenVMS (VMS) Security
Moving from VAX VMS to SUNOS
Getting Started with VMS
VMS Beginner's FAQ
Information about the VMS operating system
Oracle FAQ: Oracle for VMS
Windows 2000 Security Hardening
Windows 2000 and UNIX DNS Integration
Windows 2000 Performance Tuning
Windows 2000 TCP Performance Tuning Tips
Tuning Guide for Windows NT/2000
Mac OS X notes
SCO OPenServer 5.05 Security
OS/2 Boot Info
NeXT Station
NeXTSTEP Programming FAQ
Next m68k FAQ
Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC HOWTO
JavaStation Software Environment 1.0.1 for Developers Installation
Setting up a JavaStation
Javastation software PDF
Linux on the SUN Javastation
Running Linux and XFree86 on a Sun JavaStation
Javastation Files and Linux files to Download


MySQL Notes
Installing Oracle91 on Linux
Installing Oracle8i on Linux
Example company building software using database and tables
Configuring Oracle on Linux For Peak Performance
Challenges Involved in Multimaster Replication
Securing Oracle Network Traffic
Installing and Configuring Oracle on Linux
Installing and Configuring Oracle on Solaris
Oracle9i New Features for Oracle8i DBAs
How to increase the size of an Oracle Tablespace
SUN Solaris and Oracle
Oracle Internals
Oracle SQL tips and scripts
Oracle9i Installation on RedHat
Questions and answers about Oracle's implementation of SQL
An A-Z Index of Oracle SQL
Installing Oracle 8.1.6
SQL in simple english
Introduction to Structured Query Language
SQL Server Scripts
How to use Postgres as an NSS module
OpenLDAP HOWTO with Postgres
Sendmail HOWTO with Postgres, SASL, and TLS
LDAP Implementation HOWTO
LDAP setup and configuration guide
LDAP with Solaris 8
Securing Implementing LDAP
Security with LDAP
IBM Websphere 4.0 Security
BEA WebLogic Admin Guide [PDF]
Unencapsulating a root disk
Veritas VM Commands
Veritas File System
Veritas File System
Veritas LVM Cheat Sheet
Veritas LVM
Veritas LVM Tasks
Create Simple Volume
Veritas Test Setup via Vmware
Veritas VM Remove
Veritas VM Notes
Veritas VM Notes for Linux
Veritas VM Simple rootdg
Veritas vxdmp
Veritas VM 4.0 Admin Guide PDF
Veritas Cheat Sheet
Veritas VM Cheat Sheet
Upgrading Solaris along with VxVM
Helpful Hints for managing storage products Using Veritas Volume Manager
Veritas Cheat Sheet
Volume Creation: The vxAssist Way
Volume Creation: The vxMake Way
VxVM 3.2 Admin Guide
VxVM 3.2 Install Guide
VxVM 3.2 Troublshooting Guide
VxVM 3.2 Hardware Guide
SEVM 2.6 Admin Guide
SEVM 2.6 CLI Users Guide
SEVM 2.6 GUI Users Guide
RAID Theory
Veritas Krash Kourse
Advanced Veritas Theory
Exploring Layered Volumes
LVM Intro
IBM LVM-to-VxVM Reference
Intro Veritas Suite for AIX
[Veritas-vx] 1+0 how to detach?
Veritas Cluster PDF
Veritas Cluster VCS Licensing
Veritas Licenses Probs
Setting up Veritas Cluster Server
Veritas Products Sample Data XLS
VCS for Oracle 10g datasheet
VCS Quickstart PDF
Veritas Cluster Cheat Sheet
Veritas Cluster Info
Veritas Cluster Tasks
Solstice DiskSuite Agent for Veritas Cluster Server
Veritas Cluster and Volume Manager Install Example
Veritas Cluster Overview
Veritas Cluster Debugging Tips
Delete group script
Veritas Cluster Server - VCS Install notes
VCS Setup for NFS script
VCS Setup for Oracle script
VCS Server Setup notes/tips
VCS Tuning script
Testing Veritas Cluster Failover
NetBackup Cheat Sheet
Veritas NetBackup Client on a Jumpstart Client
Veritas NetBackup Info
Veritas NetBackup 5.0 Admin Guide Part 2 PDF
Veritas NetBackup 5.0 Admin Guide Part 1 PDF
Veritas NetBackup Cheat Sheet
A Configuration Management Process Document
Building with ClearCase [UNIX]
Developing Software with ClearCase [UNIX]
CVS Policy and Procedures.. cheatsheet for doing version control and release management on a website with CVS
ClearCase FAQ
Using ClearCase
Clearcase SUN Sizing Guide
ClearCase Triggers and Scripts via local FTP
ClearCase and SAMBA
CVS reference
Anonymous CVS access via ssh
Running a Secure CVS
Quick simples notes on RCS
SAN Architecture
EMC Client Install and Check
Host HBA Install and Setup
Navisphere CLI cheat sheet
SAN Switch Cheat Sheet
EMC Symmetrix CLI Cheat Sheet
SAN Zoning Architecture
SRDF Splitting
Howto setup Linux iSCSI target SAN with tgt
Things to do in CISCO land when you are dead - phrack
Cisco Router Configuration Commands
Enabling SNMP on Cisco IOS devices
Configuring Cisco access list to filter IP
Screening router access list example
Troubleshooting Ethernet Collisions
Cisco Router Performance Tuning
Cisco 7000 IOS Commands
Using BayStack 350 Switch
Link to FW-1 FAQ at www.phoneboy.com
Understanding the FW-1 Stateful Inspection
FW-1 Troubleshooting Tips
Auditing your Firewall Setup
Building Your Firewall Rulebase
FireWall-1 Performance Tuning Guide
Intrusion Detection for FW-1
Networking FAQ
IP Host Subnet quantities
Netmask Translation Table
Internetwork Routing Protocol Attack Suite Docs
Wireless Networking
Cisco Aironet and Linux
Wireless Sniffers
Airo-LRP, Linux Aironet Wireless Firewall / Router
Security Policy FAQ
Cyber Forensics FAQ
Intrusion Detection System [IDS] FAQ
Incident Handling FAQ
Incident Response Policy FAQ
Capturing Session ID's
NT Security - Frequently Asked Questions version 0.41
Setting up NT securely
Security Software List
Security Product Catalog by Supplier index
Definitions and Value of Honeypots
The Encyclopedia of Computer Security
Howto Build a Firewall
Delivering Signals for Fun and Profit
Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit
Internetwork Routing Protocol Attack Suite
Lance's Security Papers
Sample Penetration Test Report
Recognizing and Recovering from Rootkit Attacks

C / C++
Phils guide to object-oriented ANSI C
Phil's Object-Oriented Programming table of contents
C Lesson Book
Learn C by example in just 5 hours - Tutorial
Freeware Java webpage
Java Tutorial [UNIX]
Thinking in Java [Book in RTF]
Tcl/Tk Resources
Uploading a file with PHP
PERL Resources
Server Side Includes Tutorial
NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: Server Side Includes (SSI)
Enabling CGI Scripts
CGI Form Input
CGI Environment Variables
PHF Buster
How to write a shell script
The C Shell
Shells and Shell Scripts
Book III: Programming the shell
Shell Programming
C Shell Programming
awk FAQ
Useful sed 1-liners
sed FAQ
another sed FAQ
Phils AWK programming guide
AWK programming 1
AWK programming 2
AWK programming 3
AWK programming 4
AWK programming 5
UNIX Rosetta Stone for all OS's
How I compile things
UNIX course notes
Unix (primarily Solaris) 3rd Party solutions for Applications
Computers and Computing
Authenticating through a Domain with Samba
Playstation PSX copy patch PSX CD's using Linux
alt.2600/#hack FAQ
Security, UNIX, documents, and links
Lots of Information / Brain Dump
UNIX notes
Multi-OS booting various OS's
The Unix Pestilence - Link
Enable WAP on Apache webserver
Building Web Apps in Apache
apache 2.0 | tomcat 4 | RH 7.2 HOWTO
Converting Netscape Server to Apache Server
SSH authentication with ssh-agent
Bind9 Dynamic DNS HowTo
Installing and maintaining Dynamic DNS Loadsharing with Failover
Kerberos FAQ
Converting qmail to Exim based ldap
Sendmail: Primary and Secondary mail exchangers
Virtual Hosting with Sendmail
Allowing controlled SMTP relaying in Sendmail 8.9
vi FAQ part 1
vi FAQ part 2
Mastering the VI editor
vi Editor Commands
How to backup data on UNIX
Using tar and ssh to backup files
Example Amanda backup setup
Notes and Tips on backups
How to restore a backup (on sun and hp)
How to make tape backups
Backup Script
Solaris Backup Script
UFSDUMP - UFSRESTORE copy filesystem
Dump(1M) Performance over Networks
Backups Under SGI
Remote Linux Dump with DD to tape
Native Linux (and Unix) Backup Tools
Using dd as a conduit between systems
NUT: Network UPS Tools: APC's smart protocol
Remote Traceroute Tool
Managing a Distributed
Free News Servers
Public News Servers
MTU/MSS Hints Software Library Using LUDE
Unix Boulevard ... UNIX communitry
USNO Master Clock
Active versus Passive FTP
Misc. FAQ
How to interpret Seagate Disc Drive model numbers
Seagate drives
Setting up GSSAPI authentication of SASL
Annex console server and stop-a/break
Annex terminal server configure
FTP Virtual FTP Server FAQ
Non-profit organization serving the online community by providing old versions of various programs
Wikipedia - Free online encyclopedia
Cost effective website advertising
Press Release Tips
Press Release tips to maximize trade show exposure

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