Network Security Information: Windows  
Network Security Information: Windows
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MS Windows 2000 TCP/IP Implementation Details(paper)
Perfect description! IP tuning, security settings, IPsec, etc. Ex: how to enable SynAttackProtect feature.

NT4 Intrusion and Security(paper)
Some ways to hack and secure your system.

Armoring NT(paper)
This article presents a systematic method to prepare for a firewall installation, specifically Check Point Firewall 1.

Hardening Windows NT Against Attack(paper)
Establishing appropriate security policies and procedures is the best way to harden your system.

Security part from the Windows NT FAQ(faq)
Several interesting Q&A. 

Network Strategy Report: Windows NT Security(report)
Nice paper. You can find some useful information there.

Analysis of the Security of Windows NT(report)
New paper about NT security and hacking, compastion with UNIX (1999).

Building a Windows NT bastion host in practice(checklist)
Some interesting advises maybe.

Windows NT and IIS Security Issues(paper)
The part from a book "Designing & Implementing Microsoft Internet Information Server"

Windows NT Security FAQ (from ISS)(faq)
Great title, but nothing included, just some recommendations :(

How to secure your WinGate installation from abuse(how-to)
Step by step advice

NT's Top Security Problems(paper)
It is not big too but you can fid here some new things

How to Secure Your NT-UNIX Network(paper)
Small paper about most known vulnerabilities

An Intro to Windows NT Security(paper)
You can't find here any practical recomendations, but theoretical ones are good

Windows NT Security, Part 2(paper)
Discover how NT security works

Windows NT Security, Part 1(paper)
Understand the mechanisms of NT's robust security system

Inside the Windows NT Registry(paper)
About registry and some about security

Steps for Evaluating the Security of a Windows NT Installation(paper)
Well... you can try to conform to this rules

General Firewall White Paper(paper)
Nice description of common firewall functions

Securing Windows NT Installation(paper)
By Microsoft Corporation! 1997 but for C2-compliant System :)