Re: Update NIM lpp_soure and spot for rte setup

From: Hans-Dieter Kutz (hdkutz@HDKUTZ.DE)
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 03:23:21 EDT

Hello Chris,
got to your LPP_SOURCE dir of 5.1 which has ML04 included.
inutoc .
smitty nim_res_op
to update the LPP_SOURCE ML04 with the added Packages.
Then it should be running.
Haven't done this on my NIM-Server.
I always split ML and AIX_LPPSOURCE into different LPP_SOURCES.
There will be 2 steps to install a machine, but it will be easier if new ML

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 10:37:10AM -0600, Chris Price wrote:
> Hi;
> Having a problem with a nim server that I hope someone can shed some
> light on;
> AIX 5.1 Nim server; I am doing rte installs and everything works great.
> I recently completed an upgrade of my lpp_source and spot from 5100-03
> to 5100-04 using smit bffcreate and smit nim_res_op - clients now
> install as ML04 (woohoo).
> I would like to add some packages into my lpp_source and spot so that
> they are installed by default on target clients. Specifically, the
> additional documentation/manpages and a package required by the C
> compiler (bos.adt.libm).
> The extra documentation and manpages exist on a CD from IBM. I used
> smit bffcreate to copy all the packages on the CDROM to my lpp_source
> directory and then used smit nim_res_op to do an 'update all' on my spot
> image - I didn't get any errors. HOWEVER, when I install a client, the
> extra documentation and manpages are not there. Am I missing something
> in my lpp_source/spot update procedure?
> TIA,
> Chris

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