Re: Software to run Procomm Plus and SSH

From: Hambleton, John S. (jhamblet@NMU.EDU)
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 15:08:54 EDT

At 12:19 PM 7/31/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I haven't done this so I can't be specific, but you should be able to use
>ssh's port forwarding cabability to do this.
>Kevin Adams
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>Subject: [aix-l] Software to run Procomm Plus and SSH
>We are using Procomm Plus 4.8 to connect ethernet sessions to
>our IBM RS6000 - F50. I think Procomm is a great product because
>it has many functions that other terminal emulator software
>do not have.
>We want to use SSH but the folks at Symantec say that
>Procomm will NOT be changed/upgraded to run SSH.
> Does anyone know of any "intermediate" software or a way
> to run between SSH & Procomm Plus 4.8 to establish an SSH connection?

I recently purchased "ICE.TCP Pro" by J. River Software
(available at intending to REPLACE
Procomm with it. The product literature looked good.
But I haven't got ICE.TCP out of the shrink wrap just yet
so I can't report on how well it works...but it cost only
$79.00 US.


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