Re: how to update cron daemon without crontab -e?

From: Bill Thompson (bill.thompson@GOODYEAR.COM)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 15:34:38 EDT


I just went through this same scenario. We inherited a number of servers
but before they were given to us, the former admins removed a user who had
a running cron job but must have manually removed the users cron entries. I
was getting the exact same message: Cannot set the process credentials for
user xyz.

The fix was simple. Since the entries were gone, I just killed the cron
process. It will start back up automatically because cron is run out of
inittab with a respawn option. When it restarts, it will re-read all the
crontab entries minus the removed entries.

Worked for me.

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> Our security admin deleted a user who had an active
> cron job running once an hour. Now I'm getting the
> mail message:
> Cron: 0481-134 Cannot set the process credentials for
> user <user>
> If I (manually) remove the cron job from the former
> user's crontab file (or just delete the crontab file
> altogether), how can I then get the cron daemon to
> update and recognize that it's not supposed to be
> executing that script anymore? Can I just kill the
> /usr/sbin/cron process and let it start again?
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