Network Security Information: UNIX  
Network Security Information: UNIX
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Amateur Fortress Building in Linux(faq)
Almost guide through Linux specific configuration tips.

HP-UX Security Guide(faq)
HP-UX 9.07 version security.

Securing Debian HOWTO(faq)
A lot of important information.

Hardening Solaris(paper)
Securely installing a firewall bastion host. This article is specific to Solaris 2.7.

Securing BIND 8.X(paper)
This article presents a template for deploying a secure BIND configuration.

UNIX IP Stack Tuning Guide(paper)
Information about almost all UNIX clones - how to protect the UNIX IP stack against a variety of attack types.

Protecting Sun systems(paper)
For the latest versions of Solaris (except 8th).

Securing Solaris(paper)
Not so good as Solaris Security FAQ, but this article has some interesting things.

The Solaris Security FAQ(faq)
Answer almost all your Solaris Security questions here.

Securing and Optimizing Red Hat Linux(book)
A guide for information system, configuration, optimization and network security professionals.

Linux Security HOWTO(how-to)
Useful information with many specific examples - how to better secure your Linux system from intruders.

The Secrets of Snoop(paper)
A passive approach to your network security.

Know Your Enemy: A Forensic Analysis(paper)
The Study of an Attack.

Watching Your Logs(paper)
How to plan and implement an automated filter for your logs utilizing swatch.

Armoring Linux(how-to)
This article presents a systematic method to prepare your system for the Internet.

Know Your Enemy: III(paper)
What happens after the script kiddie gains root, how they cover their tracks while they monitor your system.

Know Your Enemy: II(paper)
How to determine what the enemy is doing by analyzing your system log files. 

Know Your Enemy(paper)
The tools and methodology of the most common black-hat threat on the Internet.

Armoring Solaris(how-to)
This article presents a systematic method to prepare for a firewall installation. 

Building a Bastion Host Using HP-UX 11(paper)
Very good paper. Almost FAQ.