Network Security Information: NetWare  
Network Security Information: NetWare
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Securing Your NetWare Environment(article)
NetWare 5.0 security.

Last NMRC FAQs about NetWare insecurity(faq)
NMRC. Almost all NetWare holes.

NCP Flaws(paper)
Latest insecurities in Netware systems

IPX description(paper)
All interupts and packet descriptions

LSL description(paper)
For low-level programmers

ODIPKT description(paper)
How to send raw packets

Hacking Novell NetWare 4.1(paper)
Spoofing tecnology

PC/TCP description(paper)
Seldom software, but...

Having Phun With Novell(paper)
About old 3.11 systems

A Beginners Guide to Novell Netware 386(paper)
Paper from the Phrack magazine

RCONSOLE Hacking(paper)
Sniffed packets decode

Description of the LANalyser's output file(paper)
How to modify it yourself

Novell NetWare & Ethernet address spoofing with ODI(paper)
Ethernet level spoofing