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6. Sample Source Code

Here is the examples.tar.gz - sample source code.

Also, you can download it from one of the unix-socket-faq www pages:

If you don't have web access, you can ftp it with ftpmail by following the following instructions. Please do not use the ftp server if you have access to the web, since is connected only by a 28.8 modem, and you'd be amazed how much traffic this faq generates.

To get the sample source by mail, send mail to, with no subject line and a body like this:

  reply <put your email address here>
  get pub/sockets/examples.tar.gz

Save the reply as examples.uu, and type:

  % uudecode examples.uu
  % gunzip examples.tar.gz
  % tar xf examples.tar

This will create a directory called socket-faq-examples which contains the sample code from this faq, plus a sample client and server for both tcp and udp.

Note that this package requires the gnu unzip program to be installed on your system. It is very common, but if you don't have it you can get the source for it from:

If you don't have ftp access, you can obtain it in a way similar to obtaining the sample source. I'll leave the exact changes to the body of the message as an excersise for the reader.

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