Network Security Information: Misc  
Network Security Information: Misc
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IT Baseline Protection Manual(book)
German Security Standard from the Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (a lot of topics described).

Security of Virtual Private Networks(article)
how to success in VPNs building and maintaining.

Router Security Configuration Guide(paper)
NSA System and Network Attack Center Guide.

Analysis Techniques for Detecting Coordinated Attacks and Probes(paper)
Practical explanation. Mostly for UNIX systems.

Computer Crime Investigator's Toolkit(paper)
Also Practical explanation. Unix, DOS, Windows, Browsers, e-mail and networks covered.

Hackers' Tricks to Avoid Detection(paper)
Short explanation of several hacker's methods.

Examining port scan methods - Analyzing Audible Techniques(paper)
Contains a lot of descriptions of portscan methods.

Hacking Lexicon(hand-book)
It is not a "jargon file". This document clarifies many of the terms used within the context of information security.

Introduction to Network Security(paper)
Not big reference.

Protecting Data Networks by Securing Telephone Networks(paper)
Almost theoretic.

ICMP Usage in Scanning(paper)
A lot of information and examples.

Sniffing (network wiretap, sniffer) FAQ(faq)
Good. Very good. Not about sniffing only, but about spoofing too.

Glossary of Terms Related to Messaging & Network Security(paper)
Just small dictionary.

Guide To Securing Intranet And Extranet Servers(paper)
More about cryptography.

Automated Crime(paper)
Some components of automated security strategy.

The Net Abuse FAQ(faq)
About mail-spam, banners-spam, etc.

Internet Security Professional Reference(book)
If you want to find something, try to find here first!

Sniffing (network wiretap, sniffer) FAQ(faq)
Good. Very good. Not about sniffing only, but about spoofing too.

Network Scanning Techniques(paper)
Description of almost all known methods. Very interesting for firewall policy builders.

The IT Security Cookbook(book)
A lot of information about almost all security parts (win,unix,fw,web,db-s,etc).