Network Security Information: Intrusion Detection  
Network Security Information: Intrusion Detection
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Intrusion Detection(paper)
How to build and implement a simple intrusion detection system using TCP Wrappers and other tools.

Interpreting Network Traffic: A Network Intrusion Detector's Look at Suspicious Events.(paper)
Detailed description with examples.

Investigating an Attempted Intrusion(paper)
Several things about IDS and real examples.

Intrusion Detection within a Secured Network(paper)
Some IDSes described.

Insertion, Evasion, and Denial of Service: Eluding Network Intrusion Detection(paper)
Imperfections of knows ID Systems.

50 Ways to Defeat Your Intrusion Detection System(checklist)
Something here is very interesting, especially for those security experts, who tries to make own IDS.

Intrusion Detection FAQ(paper)
Not so many info as in previous, but somethig interesting here too.

FAQ: Network Intrusion Detection Systems(faq)
Very interesting, recommeded.

Intrusion Detection Pilot Program Guide(paper)
A Strategy for Selecting an Intrusion Detection Partner.

Artificial Neural Networks for Misuse Detection(paper)
Advantages of such systems.

Comprehensive Computer Network Security Assessment(paper)
A short white paper.

Intrusion Detection: Challenges and Myths(paper)
Theory mostly. For the CS Department head.

Network- vs. Host-based Intrusion Detection(paper)
A Guide to Intrusion Detection Technology.

An Introduction to Intrusion Detection & Assessment(paper)
Nice and big description.