Network Security Information: Firewalls  
Network Security Information: Firewalls
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Secure IOS Template(paper)
For Cisco routers.

Secure BGP Template(paper)
Also for Cisco routers.

FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)(faq)
Very interesting and well organized reference book.

Application Layer Firewalls vs. Network Layer Firewalls: Which Is the Better Choice?(paper)
Some technical and common information.

The Firewall Hardening Guide(howto)
This guide is about Check Point FireWall-1.

Firewall Piercing(mini-howto)
You should know about this possibility.

Building Your Firewall Rulebase(paper)
Just real examples.

Intrusion Detection for FW-1(paper)
How to Know When You Are Being Probed

Understanding the FW-1 State Table(paper)
How Stateful is Stateful Inspection?

Cisco Router Security Overview(paper)
Informative paper including Cisco IOS bugs and patches.

Internet Firewalls Frequently Asked Questions(faq)
Good description

Characterizing and Tracing Packet Floods Using Cisco Routers(paper)
Practical recommendations.

E-Commerce Security Technologies: Fire Wall(paper)
Information for beginners. Firewalls, IDS, DMZ.

Firewalls Complete(book)
Good book about firewalls theory and practice

Fire in the Hole(paper)
About today's bulked-up solutions

Building your firewall, Part 1(paper)
Are you letting your firewall vendor decide your architecture? Try to do it yourself!

Building your firewall, Part 2(paper)
How to make sure your OS is ready to go.

Building your firewall, Part 3(paper)
Implementation: Setting up firewall rules.

Improving Security on Cisco Routers(how-to)
Informal discussion of some Cisco configuration settings.

Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set and Context-Based Access Control(paper)
This document describes the Cisco IOS Firewall feature set, and describes how to configure context-based access control, one of the Cisco IOS Firewall feature set features.